PCEPA stands for the Protection of Exploited Communities and Persons and is also known as Canada’s prostitution laws

While you are reading PCEPA we strongly encourage you to read the Preamble. We feel it is a great write up and captures the heart of what the laws are trying to do.


In Germany prostitution is completely legal which almost everyone agrees has turned out to be an utterly failed experiment. The demand for paid sex dramatically increased, with legalization (and full decriminalization) with men coming from all over to abuse these women. While German women are involved in prostitution, an alarmingly high majority are trafficked to the country for prostitution. Mega brothels have menus as to what the women can be forced to do, others have a flat rate so men can have as much sex, with as many different women they want and sometimes it even comes with sausage and beer. Truly disturbing are the brothels where absolutely nothing is off-limits, nothing. Please let that sink in. Nothing. 

Women, prostituted or not, do not thrive in this environment. When men are able to ask anyone if they are for sale, it becomes an acceptable way to treat women and creates a climate where mutual respect and equality is dissolved. Misogyny and patriarchy are allowed to thrive – and, in fact, rule – no matter the cost to women.

Palermo protocols

The Palermo protocols are three protocols that were adopted by the United Nations to supplement the 2000 Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (the Palermo Convention). They are the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children.

Full Decriminalization 

Full decriminalization makes it easier for pimps and traffickers to flourish and profit from the sale of women’s bodies while maintaining the stigma of the prostituted woman and maintaining her unsafe physical environment and precarious economical situation, under the guise of women’s sexual liberation. It deals with none of the systemic issues that she may be facing, does not secure her a good financial future and decentivises anyone profiting from her to let her go. 

TIP Report

TIP stands for ‘Trafficking In Persons’, and is a report put out by US Department of State