EVE encourages everyone to read the preamble for the PCEPA as it clearly explains the goals of passing PECPA and is why we support the law. 

PECPA helps fight sexual exploitation, human trafficking and commercial child sexual exploitation by going after the root cause; all of these things happen for a reason. That reason is men are paying for sex, creating a demand, and that requires a constant stream of women. Unfortunately, there is a considerable market for minors as well. To only go after the peripheral crimes of prostitution and not go after the root cause means the cycle of abuse will never stop. 

In no declaration or document of human rights does it say anywhere that men have a right to paid sex. The only system that says that is necessary is patriarchy; there is nothing to compel society into accepting this behaviour other than men asserting they should be allowed. There is a desire by some to create a false divide between willing and victimized women in the industry, which is an impossibility; how do you tell the two apart when those who want full decriminalization of prostitution want no interference from the police or other agencies. The men who pay for sex make no distinction between those who have been trafficked, exploited, are there under duress or other exploitive means. Men buying sex make prostitution unsafe. Not stigma, not laws, nor location. It’s men’s behaviour that should be criminalized as it is with PCEPA as that stops the capitulation of this behaviour.  

Instead of trying to find ways to keep such an exploitative practice going, society should focus on strengthening our social safety net and work even harder at eliminating the inequality and issues that stand in the way of women’s actual safety and equality.